While most seek greener pastures and never look back, Tony Rivera finds himself revisiting Manila, hoping that his Filipino roots regrow.

It's always a pleasure whenever I get to meet Filipinos who have made a successful life abroad. Their journey as to how they've become what they are now should be taken as a footprint for those who want the same for their own lives.

Meet Tony Rivera—a 54-year-old Sales and Interior Designer for DDC New York Minotti. Born and raised in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, his entire family moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco in 1983, when his father became a press attaché for the Philippine government. For 39 years, he has lived in the US—shuffling between San Francisco and New York City. And it was in January of 2000 when he decided that he belonged on the East Coast.

Here’s a short conversation I had with him about his life in general.

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