Give your home a breath of fresh air and new life! Vianca Favila shares 9 tips on how you can create a resort-inspired space in your home.

Being a designer, I have designed different styles depending on my clients’ needs and lifestyles. Recently, I have noticed though that more and more of them are gearing away from the sleek modern look and are requesting to mimic their favorite vacation spots—think neutral tones, crisp linens, and tropical prints.

It may be that we just all long for that quick getaway or simply prefer a cozier laid-back vibe in this new normal. But whatever the reason, resort-inspired interiors are here to stay. And the good news is that this trend is one of the easiest to pull off. Plus, it doesn’t also have to be heavy on the pocket.

A recently turned-over home designed by Empire Designs.

Here are a few tips of mine to get that resort-inspired feel for your home:

1. Add in different kinds of lounging nooks with wooden or caned furniture.

Gone are the days where the living room layout is centered around a television set or designed for entertaining guests. Creating pocket lounging nooks focused on one’s daily activities. Plus, it makes for a less informal living room—adapting to the new normal.

Placing a caned lounger that faces the window would also be a lovely meditation spot at the end of a long day. Additionally, a wooden live-edge coffee table is a unique way of bringing the outdoors in. And finally, rattan ottomans can serve as a footrest to existing reading chairs or can serve as additional seating when guests do come over. 

One of my favorite pieces—this Zima modular sofa by Vito Selma.

2. Set the tone with white fabrics.

Reupholster your sofa with soft white or light-colored fabrics. If the thought of maintaining white upholstery would be a nightmare for you, opt to add a white throw blanket instead of doing a full reupholstery. To recreate that instant resort-vibe in your bedroom, invest in white beddings.

I recommend purchasing Bamboo Lyocell bed sheets from Gussy Design.

3. Refresh your walls with whites and beiges.

One of the easiest ways to refresh a space is by doing a quick repaint of your walls. Light walls reflect light and therefore, create the illusion of a bigger space. But if you are a bit apprehensive about going all white because of maintenance issues, you can opt for a satin or eggshell finish. After all, a flat or matte white finish can be a bit harder to clean.

Not too comfortable bringing painters in? Do it yourself! A couple of cans of paint, a paint roller, and a paint tray would be your only investment.  My go-to paint codes would be Boysen Dove white or Always Neutral.

Photo taken from BOYSEN’s Facebook Page

4. Incorporate relaxing colors, such as blues and greens.

I find that simply changing in decor and accessories on shelving and on pillows immediately changes the look of a space. After all, adding blue and green accents that mimic greenery or water help in creating that vacation mindset.

A lovely throw pillowcase with foliage prints from Tres Marias Home

5. Play with pattern or texture in accent pieces.

This can range from an oversized wall art or a patterned wallpaper that draws the eye and cuts through all the whites and neutrals. For wall art, I would personally go for local artists, such as the works of Jinggoy Buensuceso.  

This lovely mural from Neumuri Wallpapers, paired with a textured Sisal rug transports us to our favorite beach spots. 

6. Let there be light.

Replace your drapes with sheer white curtains.  I always recommend sheers to my clients, as it provides diffused natural lighting with a bit of privacy. For those who already have sheers with heavy drapes, you can simply do away with your heavy drapes, and retain the sheers.

If heat or privacy is a concern, combine it with some roll-up blinds you can pull-up and hide easily.

7. Spruce up your bathrooms.

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I look at when choosing a resort is its bathrooms. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of space for oversized bathtubs and his and her lavatories. However, we can still achieve a resort-inspired interior through spa-like features of white towels and bathrobes, flowers, scented candles, and matching soap dispensers and glasses.

Upgrading your shower head to a rain shower is also a tip that I give my clients who need something quick and easy without breaking the bank.

The bathroom I designed has a lovely mirror, accentuated with Capiz wall panels—lit through a cove. 

8. Less is more. 

There’s always something relaxing after a good declutter. What’s more, it’s essential to create that vacation feel by not seeing your usual home stuff. I recommend investing in some home storage and organizing solutions such as woven baskets that can serve as added decor, too!

9. Add in some indoor plants. 

Plants are the quickest way to achieve a resort-inspired look. Plus, you can add them in corners and awkward areas without making the space feel cluttered. But remember to start small. Although having the fiddle leaf fig you see in most pegs is something you dream of, being a plant-mom or plant-dad is not for everyone.

Thus, make sure to research on plants that are what they call “kill-proof starter house plants”, such as a snake plant or pothos. 

I added this traveler’s palm to the room. It’s the perfect natural sculptural piece in that awkward corner of this bedroom that I designed.

Recreating resort-inspired interiors involves a combination of sight, sound, and smell. But let us not forget how it feels, too. Luxury is best defined through comfort, so keep in mind that the most important element of any space is the feelings that it invokes.

When all else fails, finding elements that give you comfort would be the best tip I could give to achieve that resort experience right in your own home.


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