Set on introducing something different to a pandesal-loving market, Bait Lehem serves traditionally-baked bread—made with authentic flavors.

Bait Lehem House of Bread Corp began out of a sincere love for Filipinos. “In Israel, I saw how Filipinos struggled and how hard they worked to provide for their families here in the Philippines,” shares Tine Areola, President of Bait Lehem. “We wanted to help in our own little way and create jobs for these people while bringing in new flavors to Filipino homes. We strongly believe that it would be better if families stayed together.”

On Diversifying the Filipino Palate

Bait Lehem, after all, is also a family business. Tine serves as president while her partner, Michael Tweg, serves as the managing director. The bakery derives its name from the Hebrew words “bait” and “lehem” meaning house and bread, respectively, and it opened its doors back in 2012.

“Back then, we were only serving pita, falafel, and other traditional bread from the Holy Land. We started the business because we saw that there was great potential and a market for it,” Tine reveals.

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