A powerful career woman in her own right, Ces Rodriguez shares a glimpse of her designer collection and shows you how to put together classic pieces to make a bold statement.

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She walks in the room with confidence and style that one cannot help but stare at. Her flawless skin and long curly hair instantly remind me of a movie star.  

Her name is Ces Rodriguez what she has aside from great looks is a sweet smile and very friendly demeanor. At 46 and a single mother of 4, Ces has become quite the collector of all things luxurious. From watches to shoes, bags, and even jewelry, she has a great love for not only imported high-end brands but also locally-made products such as C&C Artisanal Home and Gifts and Kenneth Cobonpue.  

She started her career as a model but eventually shifted to being a trader. Occasionally, she designs jewelry and sells it to her close friends. At 40, she was able to buy her own house and cars from her own blood, sweat, and tears.  

Ces Rodriguez pieces

A Collection Built Over the Years

As she poses elegantly in her white Seph Bagasao cocktail dress and one of her most prized possessions, a Patek Philippe, she tells me that another favorite local designer of hers is Mark Bumgarner.

“I really love the way these designers can make me clothes without having to fit multiple times,” Ces tells me. “Since summer is around the corner, I plan to wear a lot of my pieces from Charina Sarte.” 

Having two daughters, Anya and Alexa, she mentions that she is very fortunate that they both love all the girly things that she has collected over the years. They share almost everything in her closet since they all have the same shoe size and taste in bags. Her jewelry, though, is off-limits as of the moment since they might not be ready for the responsibility that comes with wearing them. But she does have small pieces made for them to fit their age and lifestyle.


Wearing What Makes You Happy

Ces believes in wearing what she feels like wearing despite the occasion. For her, it’s the mood that dictates what jewelry will adorn her, even if it is only to the grocery. With the pandemic, she realized that life is too short to keep all the hard-earned purchases she loves locked up in the safe.

“Wear what makes you happy for as long as you also do your part in helping those in need,” she advises readers.

Her buying style has evolved as she matures. Though she still wears the jewelry she acquired from her younger years, she knows that to layer them will make more of a statement than to wear it alone. Layering is the trick to making a bold statement.

Ten years from now, she dreams of buying a house with a garden and a small pool for her kids and dogs and hopefully plenty of grandchildren. “I believe everything is about timing. I am not in a hurry to acquire all that I wish in life because I know that it will fall on my lap when God is ready for me to have them,” she says.  

Photography by Ed Simon