Microsoft Teams — an integral part of many businesses — was reportedly not working for thousands of users. Here’s why.

With work from home becoming a new norm during the pandemic, many businesses have used messaging applications to communicate with their team members. Highly popular programs include Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft’s communications wing: Microsoft Teams.

As an integral part of daily operations for many businesses, Microsoft Teams is used for internal communications, messaging among team members, or even to make calls. But beyond that, it can even be used to organize workflow for a more efficient set-up, even outside the office.

With thousands of users and companies that are heavily reliant on this program, it only makes sense that it will incite mass panic when the program suddenly stops working. And this is exactly what happened on Thursday, according to reports from Reuters.

Down for the Count

Just this Thursday, Microsoft Corp’s messaging application Microsoft Teams was down for thousands of users. After a thorough investigation, the Washington-based company pinpointed the reason: “a recent deployment that contained a broken connection to an internal storage service.” However, it did not disclose the number of users who were affected by the outage.

“We’ve determined that a recent deployment contained a broken connection to an internal storage service, which has resulted in impact,” Microsoft tweeted. “We’re working to direct traffic to a healthy service to mitigate impact. Additional information can be found in the admin center under TM402718.”

According to—a website that tracks outages by collating status reports from sources, including user-submitted errors on its platform—there were more than 4,800 reports regarding Microsoft Teams as of Wednesday. Furthermore, it adds that 1,457 users are currently affected, while more than 150 incidents of people reported issues with Microsoft Office 365 itself.

“We’ve identified downstream impact to multiple Microsoft 365 services with Teams integration, such as Microsoft Word, Office Online, and SharePoint Online,” Microsoft continued in its head of Tweets regarding the issue. “We’re providing updates for those services via MO402741 in the admin center or through”

“We’ve taken action to reroute a portion of traffic to provide some relief within the environment,” it said.

Road to Recovery

Given that other Microsoft programs have also been affected, the company opted to not just monitor the issue, but also offload the stress on its servers. As of writing, the company reported good news, as a slow but sure recovery is in the works.

In its earnings call last January, Microsoft reported that Microsoft Teams have surpassed 270 million monthly active users. This was caused by the growing demand for remote business-oriented teleconferencing and messaging tools, as they became key fixtures in many organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, other big technology companies have been affected by outages in the past year, with nearly 6 hours of disruption at Meta Platforms, which houses known brands like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger. This affected billions of users last October.


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