Ultimate versatility, mobility, and protection—this ASUS workstation is the peak of hybrid functionality with all the features you can imagine

Imagine a world where you can learn and work just about anywhere. Picture a device that is strong enough to handle anything, and powerful enough to let you do anything. Think of a gadget that lets you work from wherever you want, whenever you want with the ability to switch seamlessly between your work and personal life. 

Work anywhere you want with the ASUS ExpertBook B3 Detachable

Now, take a minute to visualize how a laptop can offer everything hassle-free—longer battery life, faster response as it allows you to be as productive as you can be and have the freedom to use it however you wish. When we talk about style, convenience, and mobility, the only device that can achieve all of these with such ease is the ASUS ExpertBook B3 Detachable.

Switch up your workstation

In a league of its own, ASUS has positioned itself as an expert in 2-in-1 business laptops that allow for optimum flexibility and functionality for the student or professional on the go. 

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The ASUS ExpertBook B3 Detachable is an all-around device that allows you to work the way you want to with such efficiency. The portable design lets you move between laptop and tablet modes with its primary feature, ExpertStand, a robust, easy-connect magnetic and stain-repellent cover, which can be viewed in dual orientations: horizontal mode and vertical mode.

The 2-in-1 laptop comes with the ExpertBoard, a complementary and sturdy magnetic quick-release keyboard you can connect or disconnect in an instant

As a versatile laptop-slash-tablet, the B3 Detachable also comes with the ExpertBoard, a complementary and sturdy magnetic keyboard that allows you to connect or disconnect in an instant. The quick-release keyboard features an ErgoLift function for the ultimate typing experience, an antibacterial guard, and also up to 60cc spill-resistant.

If writing is part of your workflow, the 2-in-1 design also comes with an MPP 2.0 stylus that can quickly and automatically charge when garaged. It’s always ready for use with a safe place to store it. This intuitive stylus is quick and precise in the way you can take notes, keep track of orders, and sign documents wherever you may be.

Feel a new sense of security

Being on the go can also be tough, so ASUS ExpertBook B3 Detachable is designed to both meet and surpass exacting industry thresholds—including the ultra-demanding MIL-STD 810H U.S. military standard. It’s built to survive every extreme, from freezing temperatures to the searing heat of deserts, and from high-speed shocks to everyday bumps. The B3 Detachable also undergoes stringent in-house testing, including panel-pressure shock and drop tests for an assurance of serious durability.

As the world’s leading innovator in the PC industry, ASUS knows what it takes to build a laptop that can survive even the most extreme of conditions. The ASUS ExpertBook B3 Detachable is crafted with military-grade toughness and build quality—so you can be sure your laptop will last with up to 10,000 Type C cycles from I/O ports reinforced with stainless steel brackets.

As a versatile laptop, professionals and students alike can indulge in its fully-packed features that students, retail workers, manufacturing, healthcare, and telework professionals can use to their advantage. 

Through ASUS’ built-in productivity software that can track products, cargo, and orders, by switching laptop modes and utilizing its dual cameras, retail and manufacturing staff and healthcare workers can see the benefits of the ExpertBook B3 in their work routine. While students and teleworkers will find the AI Noise-Canceling an added bonus to their remote learning and video conferencing experience.

Work solutions wherever you are

No longer just confined to our homes, the ASUS ExpertBook B3 Detachable is a revolutionary device that can function as an effective video-conferencing tool and a high-quality learning gadget whether you’re on campus, at the office, or in a nearby cafe with its 10.5-inch multitouch screen display with a maximum resolution of 1920×1200.

More than just a laptop, the B3 Detachable also functions as a tablet

The ever-functional laptop is built with the ASUS Wi-Fi Master Technology to ensure that you are connected with greater stability and a seamless network; the ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Technology, a 360° voice detection with noise-cancelling technology so you can have clearer conversations with friends, family, and team; a 13 MP world-facing camera and 5 MP user-facing camera that are equipped with a noise-reduction component for improved image quality; and the Microphone Mute Key, making it easy for users to mute the mic during online courses or conferences.

All these jam-packed features that can boost your performance and improve your productivity are powered by the Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 Compute Platform with an intuitive Windows 11 interface that has up to 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM and up to 128 GB eMMC flash memory storage. The B3 Detachable also comes with a generous battery life of up to 12.5 hours of continuous use and fast-charging capabilities that can already reach 50% in just 39 minutes.

ASUS presents the latest 2-in-1 laptop with exceptional expansion capabilities in the ExpertBook B3 Detachable. It is a reminder that technology is about more than just efficiency: it’s about feeling comfortable and at ease, even in a fast-paced world.

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