Studio Artesan is a love letter by Rustan’s to all things locally-produced, handcrafted, and ethically-made.

The Philippines is a melting pot of food, culture, and more. No wonder it’s a must-visit travel destination for many! There are, after all, scenic beaches, picturesque views, and many fun activities to experience. Not to mention a plethora of food, unique local finds, and handicrafts to bring back.

When traveling, souvenirs are a must. A keepsake of fun memories and a reflection of the places once visited, each piece tells a story… and a fond one at that. Local handicrafts, for example, are a testament to the hard work and beauty. Each weave, each carving, and each brightly-colored pattern is a captured stillness of what you can expect from the country.

Highlighting the faces and hands that craft our everyday items (or even souvenirs, in some cases), Rustan’s shines the spotlight on the creative communities through Studio Artesan—a fashion and home concept that launched just this July in stores and on its website.

Pendant from Adornata
ETHNIQUE Mati Box Bag in Black
The Braid Flat Nude sandals from TPNW
Handwoven Inabel Towel in Yellow, Green, Gray, and Cream from WVN

Love Local, Love Artesan

This Filipino-owned department store brings the best of the Philippines to customers with its inclusive collection of fashion, jewelry, accessories, furniture, and home décor from creative communities. Featured brands include some of Rustan’s longtime partners. Tali Handmade, for example, offers chic bags, while Silnag produces minimalist jewelry from natural products. Both brands were established as a livelihood project for female inmates (in the case of Tali Handmade) and for Filipino artisans in the countryside (Silnag).

On the other hand, new brands joining the roster include socially-conscious fashion brands like Etika Collective (minimalist linen apparel) and Maison Metisse (woven and tie-dyed pieces).

Dress from Etika Collective
Short-sleeved Polo shirt from Maison Metisse

Beyond accessories and apparel, Studio Artesan will also be home to furniture and various lifestyle brands—perfect for homemakers or those who want to redecorate their space. For those who are redecorating, Philux offers conscious luxury handicrafts, while The Olive Tree Corporation sells cloth accessories like masks, table runners, and placemats—made of fine linens (some with adorable prints).

Farra Divider, Dalvo Slipper Chair, and Mod Nesting Tables from Philux

Other brands to look out for include Tadeco Home, Manang PH, and Shell Arts Co Inc.—whose woven handicrafts add a stylish, ethnic touch to your space. Meanwhile, bring back a piece of Batangas and Ilocos with pieces from Amber and Anne, and Tienda Verda.

Coral Brain Vases from Tadeco Home
Dolly Dining Set of 4 in Box from Amber and Anne

Support for the Art Community

“Studio Artesanis a love letter by Rustan’s to all things locally-produced, handcrafted, and ethically-made,” their statement reads. “The vision was to create an online and in-store destination that would highlight the handiwork of local artisans, the tradition of their wares, and the special care, attention, and respect given to the islands that provide their livelihood.”

To further highlight the creative spirit and vibrant energy of the local community, Rustan’s, together with Ballet Philippines and the local government, will debut an online video. Dressed in the brands under Studio Artesan, these dancers will be performing in key tourist spots around the city of Manila. The theme for this marries the concepts of classic and contemporary, and of art and wearability.

Additionally, Rustan’s will run a playful and stylish campaign on its website, social media, and Viber to celebrate the fun and joyful nature of Philippine creativity.

What’s more, in the spirit of bayanihan, Rustan’s Private Labels have donated excess fabrics to Cristal Cares. This livelihood program was founded by Cristal Bagatsing and focuses on providing jobs to local seamsters and seamstresses. In turn, all donated materials will be upcycled into reusable bags.

Shop local. Shop artisan. But most of all, support local and support the local makers and artisans.


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From July 7 onwards, you can discover local finds and shop at Studio Artesan through their website and at Rustan’s Makati.