“Some of y’all would ask about the prices of our menu and for everyone’s peace, this is what I have to say,” the taqueria wrote on its Instagram page.

Barangay Poblacion—a hip cultural district in Makati City—is known as a hotspot for creative Food and Beverage (F&B) concepts. And like most establishments, it was struck with a standstill for over two years due to the pandemic. But thankfully, the easing restrictions and decreasing cases have breathed back life into these streets as people once again converge for their next set of eats.

However, to this day, resilient business owners are still making up for lost time and profit. Aside from having to deal with leaner foot traffic than before, there's also growing competition from fellow restauranteurs and online home-based businesses, and even instances where people complain about their prices!

Case in point: Onlypans Taqueria, a cheekily-named taco joint located on Don Petro Street. Known for its signature tacos, this new restaurant quickly became a go-to drinking spot and even a viral sensation online—both for the food and the prices of said food.

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