Take a look at picture-perfect moments of Jess Wilson and Moritz Gastl’s wedding—set in a scenic spot that’s all decked out in white blooms.

How do you define perfection? 

per·fect (adjective, /ˈpərfikt/)

Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

“Life is certainly perfect at the moment.”

This is how the dictionary describes the word perfect. But as individuals, we set our own standards to fit our idea of perfection. And this applies to the many things we do and experience—whether it includes our day-to-day lives, our plans, or even in celebrating important milestones.

And this includes the highlight in every couple’s life: weddings.

Planning the Perfect Wedding

Against all odds. This is the usual theme for weddings in this pandemic. I have seen many couples start with big plans for their wedding. But with each roadblock, plans change, and a new dream and vision are born. And the result? An unexpected change that they love in the end.

Just like any other couple, Jess Wilson and Moritz Gastl wanted to have the perfect wedding. Due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, they planned for two different weddings—both with completely different concepts. However, the couple didn’t realize then that they had yet another dream wedding concept that was about to unfold.

All the twists and turns led them to a stunning intimate civil wedding in Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort (SETIR). Located in Culion, Palawan, this picturesque resort was one of the places that allowed them to celebrate their important milestone amid the pandemic.

Being the very detailed and fun couple that they are, Jess and Moritz made sure that everything was casual and relaxed. They just wanted everyone to use the time to slow down and appreciate every lovely corner that SETIR had to offer. 

Pre-Wedding Festivities with Jess and Moritz

The festivities began a day before the wedding with a surprise welcome celebration onboard a yacht that cruised the turquoise waters of Culion. While keeping safety protocols in mind, the guests allowed themselves to totally enjoy that moment and share in the couple’s happiness.

The beautiful scenery was a sight to behold. And it was an added bonus to their loved ones surrounding Jess and Moritz. The yacht celebrations soon ended right after a striking sunset, which for me, also marked the start of a great weekend. 

The night continued on with a sumptuous Filipino-themed dinner to restore the guests’ energy from all the fun the cruise brought. While I thought that it was going to be an early night for everyone (since the wedding day was set for the next day), the festivities continued.

I guess everyone didn’t want to miss out on anything and wanted to maximize their sweet time together—most especially on times like these when you don’t know whether you’ll see someone important to you again.  

On Their Wedding Day

…And then came the wedding day. 

It was an extraordinarily picture-perfect day—even when the weather gave us quite a scare in the morning, as there were a lot of black clouds surrounding the island. Despite all these though, Jess and Moritz remained chill. Jess even managed to take a quick dip in the ocean before her bridal preparations started!

Thankfully, the gray skies turned blue, and we were blessed with beautiful weather all throughout the day. We were also treated to the experience of seeing the magnificent pink and purple sunset of Culion. It was amazing!

The ceremony and reception were both artfully styled and arranged by Gideon Hermosa. And being the brilliant person that he is in his craft, the setup came out to be breathtakingly beautiful. Everything was dreamy. The water that served as the backdrop of the wedding was so serene, the sun was shining, and all you had to do really was to sit down, take it all in and appreciate this beauty. 

It was a casual but beautiful affair—as planned—with the couple entering the ceremony together. They exchanged their solemn vows while being surrounded by the people they love. Smiles were bright and happy tears were shed.

The reception, on the other hand, was also short and sweet. And all throughout, the feeling of just really wanting to hold on to every second of the day and share as many memories as possible with everyone was very apparent. 

Highlights in Jess and Moritz’s Wedding

Planning Jess and Moritz’s dream wedding was a breeze and I enjoyed every moment of it. Jess, for instance, did not really request a lot of things. But just like any other bride, she was quite specific about the kind of flower that will be used for her bouquet.

In fact, her chamomile bridal bouquet was so special that Gideon had to import it. And it was so delicate that he had to give it to Jess at the very last minute. The bouquet though was sweet and refreshing to look at and it really suited Jess. And it gets prettier with every second that you stare at it—very much like how you will feel when you look at and talk to the happy bride.

But most of all, the wedding was such a beautiful sight. Seeing people come together, working hard, hand-in-hand to make these imperfect circumstances perfect was our favorite part overall.

Congratulations, Jess Wilson and Moritz Gastl!


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