Get up close and personal with Suki Salvador and see what he has in store for One Mega Group under his creative leadership.

A tough leader but an encouraging one, a cheerleader and defender, and someone who will bring out the best in everyone. All these and more were promised by One Mega Group’s newly-appointed president Suki Salvador (SCS).

Taking over the reins of the former president and current CEO of AGC PH Corporation Archie Carrasco (AGC), Salvador will both be executing Carrasco’s existing plan this 2021, along with other surprises that he himself has planned for the coming years.

Who is Suki Salvador?

But first, who is Suki Salvador? He is known by many different names—”Kit” with his family, “SCS” at work, and “Suki” for the rest of the world. A graduate of Brent International School and eventually the prestigious New York University (NYU), Salvador first took a pre-med course (thus explaining his love for Grey’s Anatomy) before finding his calling in the arts.

Under the tutelage of renowned photographer Raymund Isaac, his inherent creativity flourished. In fact, he even co-founded ICON Magazine! Soon after, his journey in One Mega Group (OMG) began. From starring and hosting MEGA Fashion Crew—a platform for scouting and introducing new talents in the industry—to becoming the Creative Director for Lifestyle Asia and MEGA, Salvador climbed the ranks until he became Vice President of Content and Creatives—overseeing all the titles and assets of OMG.

And with 13 years of working in the company, he was responsible for some of the most iconic covers and campaigns ever produced. Now that’s amazing!

suki salvador

The Pursuit of Excellence

“For pronoun’s sake, I go by “he or him”. If I have worked with you for over 3 years or you are part of my management team, you may call me Suki,” Salvador says. “If not, I prefer to be called SCS. I want you to earn the right to call me by my first name.”

Hearing this may seem intimidating at first, but this is both a privilege and honor given to those worthy. Only those who are (in his words) “relentless, methodical, and formidable” will earn that right. Much like a title, this privilege is a product of hard work and excellence—one he expects to see in everyone’s output. In that spirit, you can expect this to be translated into content produced by OMG in all its publications under his leadership.

“Suki is someone we all look to for guidance when it comes to writing, photography, art… (you) name it—he’s got something up his sleeve,” Modern Parenting and’s Editor-in-Chief Marga Tupaz shares. “He is the best person to brainstorm ideas with. From an editorial or advertising perspective, he has a say because he is well-versed in both the business and the creative side of the company.”

“As a multi-hyphenate, Suki has inputs in fashion, beauty, home and design, food, entertainment, and sports, he is well-traveled and he keeps himself updated on everything Gen Z, even topics such as parenting. He never stops learning,” she continues. “I’ve seen him direct a shoot, edit the images, write the story, and do the actual layout. He can go back and forth talking to clients, talents, the production, and editorial teams without batting an eyelash.”

suki salvador

Content Redefined

With the help of his newly-formed management team and everyone’s support in the company, Salvador aims to bring OMG to new heights through powerful, informative, and valuable content.

Described as the “brain, muscles, and heartbeat” of the organization, content is the lifeblood of OMG. But instead of focusing on trends like the newest lipstick or the newest pair of shoes, Salvador wants to dig deeper—to understand the why and the value that each article brings.

He continues by calling all editors and writers to become—in his words—”true journalists and compelling storytellers” who are passionate about the company and its content. “I also want you to bring back your spark and to remember your ‘why’ when you chose this profession.”

Salvador then ends his speech with moving words: “What we have is (a) currency that no one else has. That currency is your voice. So spend it well. Spend it all because you, your thoughts, your opinions, (and) your ideas, can force change. It can force movements and more importantly it can inspire.”

What to Expect from the New

Bringing together both AGC’s legacy and his newfound plans for, Salvador gives a glimpse of what to expect for the coming years.

“For 2021, nothing is going to change.  You already know the plans. You already know your goals,” he says, alluding to AGC’s foundation set for the year 2021. With the public’s growing demand for video, you can expect to see OMG’s YouTube, TikTok, and online stories as active as always, paired with its trademark written content.

And better content, too—like story-driven articles and photos that tackle the real issues that you, our audience, have.

suki salvador

But there’s more to it than that. “I want to improve our quality even more. I want us to be brilliant,” Salvador says proudly. “I want you to give our audience information, information that is well thought out, information that is researched and verified, information that is balanced, serious, humorous, entertaining, and valuable to the life we live today. I want excellent work that is useful (and) purposeful for people.”

“With Suki at the helm, I am so excited to propel our plans and our vision for forward,” Marga Tupaz adds. “With his guiding hand and steadfast leadership, we will undoubtedly reach greater heights—together with our 65 columnists. These are some exciting times ahead for One Mega Group and for”

And with his grand vision of turning the company into a media giant—much like Conde Nast in London, Singapore Press Holdings, or even The New York Times—he…nay we, are unstoppable.