Nicanor “Nikki” Briones takes on many roles and his next one involves promoting and protecting the livelihood of Filipino farmers. This is his story.

There are several phases in Nicanor “Nikki” Briones’ life that define who he is. As a certified public accountant, farmer, and family man, his extensive career has covered almost every base. From helping farmers and running a company with over 12,000 employees to helping out his own family and affecting change at an industry-wide level, Nikki now sets his sights on exacting more change in a way that benefits all Filipinos.

How it All Began

Nikki began his career as an accounting clerk at Combined Blue Dragon Security & Services, Inc. (CBDSSI) in 1981. On top of maintaining financial records and writing reports, the farmer from Batangas would find time to sell locally-harvested produce to public markets in Quezon City.

It wasn’t long until Nikki worked his way through the ranks. To date, he currently sits as the president of CBDSSI and the Unibond Group of Companies, where he leads over 12,500 employees—through the company’s eight security agencies and one manpower agency.

As he continued to serve as president of CBDSSI, Nikki figured that he wanted to pursue something that will benefit his fellow farmers, as well as the local agricultural industry as a whole. It was then that he sought to dive into farming by contract growing hogs—also known as the “paiwi system”—back in 1986.

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