These anime characters can be your next style icon!

I grew up watching anime tv shows! I remember going home from school, playing outside and going back to our house just in for some merienda while watching the tagalized version of Flame of Recca. That was such a memorable time of my childhood because it was a great introduction to fantastic worlds and even more fantastic fashion, even if it’s all just animated. Till now, my love for anime is still going strong. So let me bring you to an animated journey of the five most fashionable characters of all time!


Cardcaptor Sakura



I honestly don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen this show. But if you haven’t this show is about a 10-year old student who accidentally releases mystical cards called the Clow cards that have unique magical powers. Her journey takes her to different locations just to capture all of them again and control their powers. Her bestfriend, Tomoyo, knows about this secret and records every expedition they go on but the best part about her is she also designs clothes for Sakura to wear on each hunt! One of my all-time favorite looks is her crystal feather dress from the opening sequence of the show’s Clear Card Arc.


Sesshomaru from Inuyasha



Inu Yasha is another one of my childhood favorites and it’s a story about a Inu Yasha, a son of a great demon father and human mother, who is hunting down the Shikon Jewel that he thinks could transform him into a full demon. Inu Yasha’s demon side is strong but that can’t match up against his older brother’s, Sesshōmaru’s, powers. Add to that Sesshōmaru’s beautiful traditional garb and Inu Yasha is the definite loser. His full length formal kimono in the shirikarage style paired up with his pauldron and cuirass with glorious fur and heko obi just make me jealous every time I see him on screen.


Wisteria Twins from Demon Slayer



This one is pretty recent but the anime style is pretty cool. It’s a story about Tanjiro’s journey as a demon hunter with the goal of finding a cure for his demon sister to become human again. On the first season where he was being tested if he can officially become a demon hunter he arrived at the Wisteria mountains to participate in the final test. There we see the Wisteria twins, two small girls wearing classic kimonos with Wisteria patterns. Most iconic though are the ‘Rei Kawakubo’ bobs that both of them are fashioning in black and white colors!


Magic Knight Rayearth



This one has got to be one of my favorites and I know most of the gays would agree because of the dramatic costume transformations. This is a story about three middle school girls who goes on a field trip at the Tokyo tower and was suddenly transported to the world of Cephiro where they need to rescue princess Emeraude to save Cephiro and for them to finally come back home to Tokyo. The three girls are given powers from the three elements of fire, water and air. Consequently, their armor transformations also follow the color and design of each element! My personal favorite is Fuu who controls the wind with her emerald pauldrons, pleated short skirt, white thigh high boots and completed with angel winged crown.


Yuuko Ichihara of XXXHolic



This one I haven’t finished just yet but one of the protagonists just took my breathe away since I saw her in the beginning of the series. Yūko Ichihara is a powerful witch of unknown origins. She owns a shop that magically grants wishes and that’s where the main protagonist Kimihiro Watanuki visits to remove his ability of seeing spirits. Yūko’s modelesque physique and straight obsidian hair makes her look regal whether she’s wearing a classic formal kimono or a full-on maximalist 1920s themed garb.

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