Get to know #GirlBoss Geewel Fuster and her plans to repurpose, redesign, and revitalize BluPrint on a digital scale.

Grand things are in store for One Mega Group’s (OMG) Architecture and Design magazine BluPrint as it debuts a new look and a new direction.

In this age of modernization, architecture, and design, BluPrint has always been the definitive authority in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia. With over 20 years of publishing experience, BluPrint remains the source for up-to-date information on design trends, relevant projects, technologies, and more.

But in this ever-changing digital landscape, BluPrint aims to do more in order to inspire the design community. And to take this first step, a new leader will herald a new vision for this brand.

Repurpose, Redesign, and Revitalize

Repurposed. Redesigned. Revitalized. These 3 power words will segue BluPrint into a new direction. Starting with its first-ever digital magazine, BluPrint has set its sights on a much grander scale. With the goal of introducing new concepts for the brand, BluPrint will launch an optimized and accessible website to maintain its reputation as the undisputed authority in design and architecture.

On July 21, 2021, at 3 PM—the official launch of BluPrint’s new website—key members from OMG will be making their appearances. These include OMG’s President Suki Salvador, Group Publisher Janine Recto, and new BluPrint Editor-in-Chief Geewel Fuster.

“From this point onward, BluPrint is spearheading a digitalization movement by establishing a platform that aims to inspire everyone to adapt to the rise of new innovations, philosophies, and design solutions suitable to our ever-changing environment,” Geewel Fuster says.

“BluPrint has always been a brand that reaches out and promotes our Filipino culture, roots, and heritage in architecture and designs,” she continues. “With that, BluPrint will continue to uplift the entire nation by manifesting growth through our unrelenting advocacy towards the concept of Filipinism; on what makes the Filipino within us.”

Getting to Know Geewel Fuster

Geewel Cabungcal-Fuster graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. Immediately after, she kickstarted her career by working at Jonathan O. Gan and Associates, where she gained experience in both architecture and interior design. And at 2011, she joined her family’s construction firm after passing the licensure exam.

Beyond interior design, architecture, and managing her own lifestyle and fashion brand Akin Collective, Geewel’s creativity is channeled into writing as a columnist for From Netflix-inspired interiors to beautiful tablescapes, favorite holiday decor, making conscious skincare choices, and more, she shares her knowledge, learnings, and even tips in her Home & Design column—aptly named Memoirs of the Overdressed.

Geewel is a powerful #girlboss who wears many hats. A licensed architect, entrepreneur, creative journalist, mother of two, a loving wife, and a columnist for, she can now add another role to her list—that is, as the youngest Editor-in-Chief at BluPrint.

The Undisputed Authority for Architecture and Design

“This privilege dictates our new responsibility to not only maintain these relations but to also expand our network to more countries known for architectural innovation, unifying our goals,” Geewel shares. “Such has been indicated in our concept of a repurposed, redesigned, and revitalized era of BluPrint.”

From our Filipino roots to beyond, the new and improved BluPrint sets its sights on the international scale. Taking inspiration from the iconic architecture of Milan, Berlin, New York, LA, and Shanghai, the brand promises exclusive access to the best of the best.

Expect a fresh perspective and bold ideas in the world of design. Expect the limits to be tested, expect something different—something grand—and expect much more in this new and improved BluPrint.

A New Perspective

“I am very excited about the emergence of a revitalized BluPrint. I’m certain that with Geewel Fuster at the helm, we will foray into a refreshed view on architecture, and get treated to the latest trends in home and design.

Since we are spending majority of our days at home, I’m sure we are all looking for ways to freshen up and repurpose our spaces. And this is the new perspective I hope BluPrint can bring to the forefront—inspiration, ideas, guides and insights that everyone (not just architects and interior designers) can benefit from.”

– Marga Medrano-Tupaz, AVP of Publishing and Marketing of One Mega Group and Editor-in-Chief of Modern Parenting and

With better connections, fresh ideas, and more, we can expect amazing things from BluPrint. Visit their new website at and see the best of what they have to offer. To everyone who made this possible, we offer our heartfelt congratulations!


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