From collecting designer goods to authenticating them, this business-savvy genius shows that you can make a business doing what you love.

You may know him as Authentecite on Instagram, but his real name is Dennis Robles. The CEO of his own company, Dennis started doing business at the young age of 22. This was the time when mobile phones were the biggest hit and Nokia was the must-have brand. Thus, he would buy enough supply to sell to the very cellphone-hungry market.

He then used that as a stepping stone to do what he really wanted to in life: collecting designer pieces.

Building His Expertise

“I needed to find a way to fund my fixation for designer clothes and bags so, with my savings, I started to invest in ‘starter’ brands for college students such as Prada, Gucci, and Ferragamo, which I sourced from my friends and aunts,” he explains. “I’d post them on buy-and-sell magazines and from there, my network grew. (This was because I) decided that the corporate world wasn’t for me.”

From there, he ditched his advertising know-how—the course he took in college—to pursue his passion for acquiring high-end goods. He would then sell these designer bags and clothes to his friends. His circle of clients eventually expanded and his expertise due to countless purchases gave him a better idea. He could not only sell these but can also authenticate what’s real or counterfeit.

Thus, brands such as Chanel, Dior, Hermès to name a few are stacked mile-high in a dedicated room.

Updating His Designer Collection

On the walls of his home are countless artworks by masters, which truly gave the feel of walking along the halls of a museum. “There’s never too much art for real art collectors but for now, I am contented with what I currently have,” he shares. “(Now), I aspire to add more properties to my name for rental purposes for passive income.”

Aside from the vast amount of paintings, Dennis also collects Kaws, a decorative toy that appreciates in value. Sneakers were also one of his favorite things to amass but he decided to lay low after realizing that rubber cannot withstand the humidity in the country.

“Because of the pandemic, I had more time to focus on making my home more pleasant to live in. (And) so, I updated my furniture pieces and acquired iconic mid-century chairs and tables. I enjoy shopping for tableware as well—from plates to silverware to placemats. I own a couple of nice jewelry pieces from my favorite jewelers such as Janina Dizon, JMA, and some, from my travels abroad,” he gleefully states.

Future Business Plans and Dreams

He tells me that once the travel ban is lifted, he plans to go to the US to get vaccinated. Paris and London are on the top of his list, but he impatiently awaits for Hong Kong to open up. Especially since it is one of the places he frequently visits.

Despite everyone’s itch to travel, Dennis is very grateful for the happiness and good health he has now. When asked how he sees himself a decade from now, he answers: “I plan to do exactly what I am doing now, but hopefully in a much bigger scale.”

And I can see it happening. Dennis Robles, 40, winning in all aspects of life.

Photos: Ed Simon


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