Furniture maker to both British royalty and Hollywood stars, Mark Boddington brings his creations to the Philippines. Here's what to expect.

When born into a family that owns and runs a large business, chances are, they expect you to continue it. Some take the chance and make the family business grow, while others take a risk and do something else altogether—something they love.

Furniture designer Mark Boddington is a clear example of that. The great-great-grandson of Henry Boddington, the famous founder of Boddingtons English Beer, Mark charted a different course for himself—one guided by his love for furniture-making. With a clear goal and his mother's support, he then set out to hone his craft at John Makepeace’s prestigious furniture-making college.

While finishing his studies, Mark made a Macassar ebony table with silver-line inlays, selling 7 of them for a whopping total of £39,000 (about 2.7 million pesos)! And with it came the equivalent of 13 months’ worth of orders, which only showed how much people loved his work. The positive reception towards his designs soon became the catalyst to begin his very own business: Silverlining Furniture.

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