The Philippine Dental Association—headed by Dr. Jose Angelo G. Militante—strives to provide information and awareness on oral health with the help of social media.

Brushing our teeth after every meal, flossing, and visiting our dentist every year... these are just some of the ways we keep our pearly whites in tiptop shape. Our teeth have been and will continue to serve us, which is why we need to take care of them.

Just as our physical and mental health are important, our oral health also takes top priority. But with the ongoing pandemic limiting our access to dental care, that can be a challenge.

Why is that? For one thing, a lot of us have had to take care of our teeth from the safety of our homes. Likewise, those with cavities and health concerns tolerate the pain in silence—unable to get the help they need. With going out possibly jeopardizing our safety, our only means for information and help can be found online.

Understanding the Filipino's need for information on their oral health, the Philippine Dental Association (PDA), through the current president Dr. Jose Angelo G. Militante, stepped up to offer help. By remodeling their social media pages and introducing programs, they seek to make oral health a priority once more.

To know more about Dr. Gelo and what he has planned, we talked to him in an exclusive interview.

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