Growing up in a family of farmers has inspired Dr. Angelito Bagui to work hard. Now, he aims to inspire fellow farmers on a national level.

Dr. Angelito "Lito" Bagui is the son of a farmer. “He is my idol in farming,” Lito shares fondly. Having witnessed his father's hard work from a young age, he proudly shares how it has shaped the way he led his life. “His perseverance gave me [the] passion to also pursue pig and crop farming. I am proud to continue the legacy of my father.”

Said perseverance kept him prepared for moments of crisis, where he applied risk mitigation and applied principles of adaptability.

On Building His Own Legacy

Meanwhile, Lito himself is establishing a mighty legacy of his own in the local agricultural sector. He currently serves as Chairperson for the Cooperative Union of Batangas (CUB), Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC), Southern Tagalog Union of Cooperative (STUC), and Batangas City Cooperative Development Council (BCCDC).

Additionally, he sits on the Board of Directors for the Cooperative Union of the Philippines (CUP). All these positions allow him to exact change on a national level, as he aims to improve the lives of Filipinos and Filipino farmers.

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