After calling out Steven Seagal as ‘extremely overweight’ and not as good at martial arts as he claims to be, Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron just proved why she had every right to say so in her latest film, The Old Guard.

Thanks to our friends from Netflix, we got a hold of Charlize and how tedious her preparations were for this top streamed film on the platform.

Theron is the oldest mercenary which heads a tight-knit covert group of her same kind, with a mysterious inability to die. They have fought to protect the mortal world from time immemorial, “I play Andy who has been alive for over six thousand years, she’s the first in the team to become immortal and she spends the first couple of centuries very much alone… So by the time we find her in the story, she has lived a lot. She’s tired and a bit demoralized by the world and humanity and she has given up in many ways. Her sentiment is that the world should burn and that she doesn’t care anymore, so we find her rediscovering her faith in herself and in humanity.” 

Charlize Theron
Charlize proves yet again, that women can truly kick ass. |Photo via NETFLIX ©2020

The Old Guard is based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Greg Rucka which shows how living forever is harder than it looks and because the timeline encompasses centuries of history, critics commend how accurate the choices of fight scenes were executed. Theron, who also serves as one of the films producer says that the difficulty level of their training was above and beyond, “all of the actors really had to be disciplined about dedicating themselves and showing up to the gym even though it hurt and there are days where it was really hard and it’s the consistency that really really pays off and just having a team that never ever gave in to the idea of mediocre and if you work that hard the movie really shows it.”

Charlize Theron
Rigorous training in various disciplines helped Charlize and her co-stars in their roles. | Photo via AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020

Behind the scenes of their training were also released and it was a welcome surprise to see our very own combat sport Arnis make it in this film. Besides Arnis… Hung Gur, Taekwondo, Judo, Silat were also intensely learned by Charlize and her co-stars to make them believable fighters who have been through thousands of years of battles. The team only had four months to learn everything so they made a tactic on how to execute the action scenes perfectly and with respect to the pros in each medium, “Being skilled in one form of martial arts takes a lifetime of dedication and I’ve never really practiced martial arts.”

“And when you look at your time frame and you have four months and you have to perfect all of them it’s somewhat overwhelming but we really assessed what specific moves could translate that narrative and so we were very very specific in picking things that we knew some of my strengths and we hones in on them so that the technique was really perfect and so when she has one karate move, we spend a lot of time perfecting the technique, the posture and the effortlessness of it. We had to be really smart about that. People really care about that stuff people who love those movies, they really pay attention to that and so you want to honor that and do it as perfectly as you possibly can.”

What’s cool about the whole according to Charlize, is that women forefront the fight scenes in the film, “A lot of this is because Kiki (Layne) and I get to explore a lot of that and Van another actress who plays another great character and that’s Quinn. So to watch women get to explore this kind of exciting new way of physical storytelling is really exciting to watch in this film.”

Charlize Theron
The Old Guard is streaming on Netflix.| Photo via NETFLIX ©2020