Behind every great company is a talented accountant. Get to know these 3 accomplished Filipino leaders who shine best in the world of numbers.

It's tax season once again, which means that everyone will be scrambling to finalize their tax returns before the filing deadlines. Likewise, if you own a large business or lead a big corporation, you will be relying once again on the expertise of your trusted accounting firm to sort out your company's financial details.

Accounting is oftentimes called the language of business. It's the language that CEOs and their managers use to communicate the company's financial condition and results of operations to interested parties—like investors, shareholders, banks, creditors, and government regulatory agencies.

This article highlights 3 accomplished Filipino leaders who have risen to the top of the largest finance and accounting firms in the Philippines. They're my go-to persons whenever I need financial and accounting advice. After all, these leaders are not just smart individuals, but they're also good at explaining things clearly.

Let us get to know these successful business leaders as they can inspire us on a personal level!

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