Take a close look at the life of Betcha Chua Javier as she talks about work and life balance and her favorite brands.

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Betcha Chua Javier, 40, is no stranger to work in the corporate world. At the young age of 23, she was the Finance Director for JAC Liner for five years and eventually transitioned to being the CEO of Yutong Bus Philippines from 2008 to 2014. She then started her own company, B&Co Projects last 2014 and joined C8 Construction as the CEO from 2019—up until the present.

If that doesn’t impress you, we’re not sure what will. But evidently, this young mother of three had a knack for building empires. Amazing!

betcha chua javier

Work-Life Balance, Explained

“My parents are the inspiration for starting my own business. My office training began when I was in high school…I had to be in the office on Saturdays, which limited my social life”, the young entrepreneur shares. As a young adult, she was trained by her father to have a strict work ethic. She was never late, never absent, and her vacation leaves were left unused. All of this has contributed to her success now.

As we sat on her beautiful B&B Italia, teak-blue sofa, she mentions that this style of mentoring taught her how to take the pressures of life in a healthy way—by constantly trying to find ways to improve in business and in her personal life. She adds that having a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient team is also integral in allowing her to balance her work and family life.

When asked how she sees herself a decade from now, Betcha says the future is a little scary because her kids will be all grown up and by then, she will be nearing the age of early retirement. “I will probably be chaperoning my kids on their nights out,” she laughs.

Additionally, she foresees a possible future in politics—particularly in her mother’s hometown of Hagonoy, Bulacan.

A Balance Between Needs and Wants

After changing into her couture Ivarluski Aseron two-piece gray dress, she tells me about her shopping habits. “I only shop when I need to. With my work, I mostly wear t-shirt and jeans,” she says. That’s because she spends most of her time on on-site visits.

Since she hardly goes out, she consults with her good friend, Lucille Dizon whenever she does go out. “She is updated with trends and she knows what suits me—even though we mostly argue because her advice is just too avant-garde for me. She will kill me for saying this,” Betcha nervously shares.

Because of her daily activities, her most-used clothes in her closet are her Simon Miller jeans and Anine Bing t-shirts, which she usually pairs with her Jul B. Dizon Jewellery to create a statement.

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“I appreciate and love the detail and story of each piece since they are handmade,” she continues. “When buying locally made products, you support an economic model that makes room for creative people to do their work.”

But when traveling abroad in places like Japan—her favorite country to visit—she tends to be more adventurous in her outfits. For instance, being able to wear winter clothes allows her to change her look from her normal attire.

Making It Work

For a woman of her age, lifestyle, and career path, Betcha adds that her must-haves are good quality pieces that last a long time. She specifically avoids buying from fast-fashion clothing stores as they tend to wear out fast and are eventually a waste of money. She is also very aware of how some of these popular stores are environmentally harmful to the planet, so she would rather stick to long-lasting pieces—timeless classics, so to speak.


An intelligent young woman, Betcha knows exactly how to balance her shopping wants and daily needs as she sets a target every year. Anything in excess she spends on jewelry, watches, and properties. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you become one of the most successful businesswomen in the country.

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