It has been a go-to choice for many to set their weddings in June, but do you know why? We list 8 reasons for choosing this auspicious month.

Weddings are the culmination of a love story—the happily-ever-after in fairy tales, where the prince and the princess are finally together. A story when two people who are irrevocably in love are finally one.

Couples choose to marry at different times of the year. Some prefer summery weddings on the beach, while others opt for December weddings on a chilly mountaintop. But more often than not, brides-to-be often anticipate the month of June as the day for their fairytale weddings.

It’s interesting to know why June has become part of our collective consciousness as the month to hold weddings. But do you know why? Well, various sources and hearsays have different things to say about it, and here are some of them:

8 Reasons Why June Is the Month of Weddings

1. Couples can have children by early spring.

Starting with a more practical reason, it was believed that when a bride gets married in June, the couple can anticipate children by early spring. And this gives the bride plenty of time to recuperate—just in time before the fall harvest.

2. June is an auspicious month.

The month of June is derived from the name of Juno—the Roman goddess, who is known in Greek mythology as Hera. She is married to the king of the gods Jupiter, or more known as Zeus in Greek equivalent. As the queen of the gods, she is also the goddess of marriage, childbirth, and fertility. And in honor of her role in blessing marriages, it was only right to hold weddings in the month of June—her namesake.

Thus, it was considered auspicious to hold weddings in Juno’s month.

3. Back then, people were much cleaner in June.

In the Middle ages, particularly the Victorian times, people bathed less frequently, which can be very unhygienic by today’s standards. That’s because, during that period, it was believed that bathing would increase the chances of acquiring a disease. And so, it’s usually done monthly or a few times a year only. Since people usually bathed in early spring, it made sense to marry in June so they’re cleaner and smell so much sweeter.

The flowers blooming in June also add the fragrance, which helped cover unpleasant smells.

4. Couples wanted to get married… fast!

In the Celtic calendar, there is a day called the Cross-Quarter Day of Beltane, which marks the midpoint between a solstice and an equinox. In this period, young couples who are paired on May 1 date for a while, and eventually get married on the first day of August. However, young couples who were impatient to say, “I do,” chose to shorten the wait and get married on mid-June.

5. June is considered off-peak season.

Since June is when the rainy season starts in the Philippines, people don’t want to get wet wearing formal clothes. On the other hand, countries like the U.S., Canada, China, Russia, and India are in the middle of summer at that time, so it’s not considered peak season. This makes June the most discounted and easiest month to hold your wedding!

Plus, if you book your wedding on a weekday instead of a weekend, it’s way cheaper, and that’ll save you money!

6. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings or destination weddings!

On the other end of the spectrum, it can also be sunny in June, which is why it’ll be wonderful to hold your wedding outdoors, or in destination spots like the beach or an island! You can even utilize outdoor spaces for as long as you like, especially in good weather!

7. Marriage in June is more economically-friendly.

Since the fiscal year in the Philippines starts in July, couples who choose to get married in June, are classified as “with spouse” for the rest of the financial year. Because of marriage, this meant a lot more obligations than those who are single, so income tax rates were lower. These savings can then be used to contribute to honeymoon costs.

8. Rain during weddings signifies good luck.

In the Philippines, we might find it odd to hold weddings during June because it’s the start of the monsoon season. However, in western countries, June weddings have been associated with destination weddings. If you’re in the Philippines and you do have a June wedding, where it rains, you’re in luck… literally! After all, it’s believed to be good luck because it signifies a lasting marriage, fertility, and a bountiful one at that.

Also, destination weddings in the Philippines that take place in June—before school starts—means that parents can bring their kids to the wedding.

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