It was so easy to look good before. From the hair salons, to nail establishments, faux lash stores, and mani-pedi specialists, all these beauty services were available for us, regardless of where you lived. But thanks to the quarantine, many of these places have temporarily stopped, and many of us were pushed to do things the DIY route.

Here are the top 3 skills you probably learned already during the quarantine:

Beauty Skill
Don’t forget that nail care is still important even in quarantine.

Beauty Skill #1: Nail It

No, it’s not quite as good as when your trusted nail tech is at the helm, but doing your nails, even going as far as indulging oneself in a foot and hand spa, can be done. Some tips: cut your nails straight across and file the sharp edges to avoid ingrown nails. Also, be gentle when sloughing off that callus. Also, if you’re not sure about cutting your own cuticles, just don’t. Do it wrong and you can get an infection. Instead, take a rich balm or oil and massage those ragged cuticles. Cracked heels? Apply petroleum jelly and wear socks when you go to sleep at night. It’s not the most comfortable, but you will have softer and smoother soles after.

Beauty Skill
Hair solutions can still be done at home so do not be afraid to do it yourself.

Beauty Skill #2: Wax Off

While I don’t recommend giving yourself a Brazilian, you can get away with waxing your bikini line, legs, armpits, etc. You can even make your own sugar wax! But if you’re a beginner, pick up a box of set wax strips. Tips: do it right before going to bed, when you’ve just come out of the shower. You will need to keep the area dry for the next 8 hours, which is easier if you’re fast asleep! Sprinkle some powder on the area you want to wax, apply the strip, and pull it against the hair growth. When pulling, I suggest being decisive—the timider you are with pulling it off, the longer and more painful it will be.

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Beauty Skill
Facial care should be given special attention so you can walk with your head held high once the lockdown ends. | Photo from Epilator Girl

Beauty Skill #3: Face Me

Again, I don’t suggest you go about extracting your own comedones the way a pro would, but you can remove it using good ol’ pore strips and a round of steam. This is as old school as you can get: put some steaming hot water in a bowl, take a towel, and put it over your head as you lower your face near the steam. Do this for a few minutes until your skin softens, then take a mild exfoliating brush and gently run it through your skin. After applying your favorite toner to seal the pores, then take either a gua sha, jade roller, or ice roller and go to town. Finish with your mask of choice.